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A Short Overview on Using Remember The Milk for Getting Things Done

This is a nice review of how to use Remember the Milk (RTM) to accomplish your Getting Things Done (GTD) goals. I already incorporate most of these suggestions in my RTM GTD habits but there are a few nice suggestions. I haven’t used ibnu (important but not urgent) as a tag before but perhaps I’ll give it a try.

I also don’t use the @ in front of my contexts as I don’t tend to stick to doing things in only one context. Most of my tasks can be done in multiple contexts.

Now, if only Google will fix some of the shortcomings to Google Calendar I’ll be able to switch over to Remember The Milk and Google Calendar completely as RTM has developed a great extension that incorporates your tasks right into your Calendar.

Google, please, please allow us to send notifications from calendars other than our primary calendar!

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No thanks iPhone: Why is Steve Jobs so afraid?

I was amongst the throngs of people who drooled over the iPhone on launch day. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of the sleek and sexy devices. Well, those feelings of techno-lust gradually wore off as I realized a number of things.

1. the maximum 8GB for storage is way too small for a device that is going to house music and video
2. the price is way to high for a device that you tend to replace every 2 years or so
3. There will be no third party development for applications to run on the device. Steve point blank came out and stated that “You don’t want your phone to be an open platform,”

The last item is the one that really gets me. Of course people want their smartphones to be open platforms. That is one of the most significant reasons behind the success of the smartphones. What is he thinking?

I think Steve Jobs is afraid. He’s afraid that the iPhone security is weak and he doesn’t want to deal with the potential for malicious code, or even just poorly written code. Perhaps if he spent half as much time on making the platform solid enough to be secure as he spends on marketing he might not have that fear. If he is so concerned about applications that my ‘gum up’ the network etc. then why not just close certain parts of the API unless the application is ‘signed’ like most other mobile hardware platforms do.

He shows his fear in other ways as well. Even though he originally complained about DRM and closed platforms years ago, today his precious iTunes store is the leading proponent to Digital Rights Management. He used to boast about how open Apple is. What a hypocrite. He is afraid of fair competition too apparently. He doesn’t have enough confidence in his product so he thinks he has to trap users.

Steve Job’s greatest skill is acting; acting confident when really he is basically insecure about his entire business. Stop being so afraid Steve and give your customers what they want instead of hiding and making excuses.


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